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Instructor (3rd Dan SKIF & WKF)

Chloe Pillay (CPTKI)

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Sensei Chloe Pillay started her training at the age of 6 in South Africa and is now a 3rd Dan (SKIF & WKF) Black Belt.


She has trained under the legendary Hanshi Sonny Pillay (8th Dan SKIF) and her mentor and Sensei, Renshi Brando Pillay (6th Dan SKIF).

As #1 ranked South African national athlete for team kata and top 6 ranked for individual, Sensei Chloe counts amongst her numerous accolades: 

2016 FSKA World Champs - Double Gold

2019 AUSC Region 5 Champs - Silver

2019 SKIF World Champs - Bronze

2019 WKF Junior World Champs - 6th

2022 SKIA Shotokan Week - Gold+Bronze

2023 KSA Elite Champs - Silver

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Instructor (6th Dan SKIF)

Malcolm Kadow

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Sensei Malcolm Kadow started his training at the age of 31 with the Karate Union of Australia, joining the SKIA in 1990 and is now a 6th Dan (SKIF) Black Belt.

He is the current SKIA South Australian State President and is a member of the SKIA National Technical & Development Committee.


He has trained and competed in state, national and international levels. Sensei Malcom previously ran two South Australian dojos for many years. Unfortunately, due to a near fatal car accident and ongoing health issues he is no longer able to be a full time instructor. We are very fortunate that he is able to pass on his knowledge at Sensei Chloe's club.

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